If we need you to stay longer then the contracted time will this be a problem?

We understand that wedding always run over that’s why when you book us for your day we are yours for that day and will stay longer within reason until our job is done.

Will there be posed shots?

During the course of the day we will not stop the ceremonies to pose you for shots. The only shots we will pose you for is the family group shots and the bride and groom portrait sessions. Posing comes naturally to some and some find it a little more difficult which is why we will be there to assist and help you feel at ease with.

Can you cover both the bride and grooms pre wedding ceremonies?

Yes we can, we have enough photographers to cover the ceremonies for both sides.

Do you recommend a pre-wedding shoot?

Yes absolutely, pre-wedding shoots are a great way for you to get to know us and feel confortable around us. It helps break the ice and also makes you feel so much more relaxed on your wedding day. A pre-wedding shoot is a fun filled and relaxed way of getting some fantastic shots of you both, which are perfect to create a guest book, a reception slideshow or just to keep for yourself to admire.

Do you have set prices?

We believe that no occasions are exactly the same; some clients require photographs over several days leading up to an occasion, whereas other clients require photographs for an individual day. The end product requirements also vary from client to client, our albums vary in sizes and volume. Due to these factors, we feel that it is unfair to have a set price; we individually tailor prices for our clients to adjust with their requirements and budgets.

Where do you work?

No location is too far for us, we work all around country and abroad.

How many photographers will attend our event?

This would usually depend on the type of occasion, usually we aim to have two photographers at every occasion, and this enables us to capture the best possible images. We can provide up to four photographers.

Do you provide a female photographer?

Yes, we have a female photographer who can be provided on request.

Can we choose the photos that we want in our album or dvd?

After the occasion, we will contact you and arrange to meet with us to go through your photographs, this will give you the chance to view your photographs and choose the ones that you wish to include in your album or dvd.

Do wedding albums include a set number of pictures?

All our albums are hand crafted using the highest quality materials; they typically hold 60 to 180 pictures, however, as every album is individually tailored, there is no limit on the amount of pictures that you can choose. An additional charge may apply should the quantity of pictures selected exceed the original quantity agreed in the price quote. If an additional album is required due to the quantity, additional charges will apply.

Can we have additional albums for our parents?

We can provide you with additional albums at an additional cost; these can either be a duplicate of the main album, a smaller version or an individually tailored album for the parents.

How do we receive our albums or dvd?

Once we have the albums back from print, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for collection, this ensures us that you are totally satisfied with your products, occasionally we do offer a delivery service, but additional charges may apply for delivery.

Can we obtain additional photographs or albums once the order has been completed?

We aim to keep your album designs and photographs for approximately a year after your order has been completed, however once we have given you your album we will also give you all your images on disk or on a hard drive provided by you.

Can we have photographs printed from the album or dvd?

If there are photographs contained within your album or dvd that you wish to have printed separately, these can be done at an additional cost to any size specification that you require. Please contact us for further information.

What should we do if we have any questions?

If at any time you have any questions regarding our product or service, please contact us via phone or email, we are very approachable at any time of the day and are more than happy to be of assistance to you.